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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Groove Cereal For Breakfast

This is Part 1 of my latest music project of "Groovy Meals" titled "Groove Cereal For Breakfast". Just look at that groovy-ass bowl of cereal above. Ain't no plain cheerios there. Unfortunately I have never actually felt groovier after eating a bowl of cereal... until now, if by eating I mean listening.

In the last while I've been listening to all things slower and groovier than the usual bass-heavy party-all-night type of stuff, so this is a reflection of those tastes, ranging around nu-jazz, funk, reggae, soul and hip-hop.

Download: Groove Cereal for Breakfast

1. The Jazz Liberatorz - Clin D'Oeil
2. Jose Gonzalez - Time Alone
3. The Black Seeds - Cool Me Down
4. Charles Bradley - The World (Is Going Up in Flames)
5. DJ Quik - Summerbreeze
6. Jay Electronica - Jazzmatazz
7. Gramatik - Just Chillin'
8. DJ Cam Quartet - Everybody Love the Sunshine
9. Lucy Pearl - Dance Tonight
10. Lauryn Hill - Forgive them Father
11. JK Soul - My Way
12. Gramatik - Talk that Slang
13. Gramatik - Hit the Jive
14. Pretty Lights - Finally Moving
15. Jimpster - Groove Jumping
16. RJD2 - Ghostwriter
17. Uptight People - Get Up(tight) Man
18. Miami Horror - I Look to You (Tim Fuchs Make Out Mix)
19. Marschmellows - Soulpower (Jazzanova's Straight Dub Mix)
20. Incognito - Get in to My Groove (Jazzanova Regroove)
21. Troydan - Learn to Love (Chuck Love Mix)

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